Sunrise 2009

Summary data:

Issue Date 7 October, 2009
Currency EUR
Principal Balance 2.491.746.384,89
Portfolio Consumer credit loans originated by Agos Ducato S.p.A.
First Portfolio Characteristics 68,31% personal loans, 8,52% new vehicles, 2,68% used vehicles, 10,73% furniture, 9,75% special purpose loans
Servicer Agos Ducato S.p.A.
Payment Dates 27th of February, May, August, November
Revolving/Static Revolving
Representative of Noteholders Caceis Bank Luxembourg
Arranger CA-CIB Milan
Calculation Agent CA-CIB Milan
Legal Final Maturity August 2031
Listing Luxembourg Stock Exchange
Class A Notes:
Issue Amount
DBRS/S&P Current Rating AAA (h) / AA-
ISIN code IT0004495609
Current Coupon 3M-Euribor + 0,50%
Status Placed
Class J Notes:
Issue Amount
Rating Unrated
ISIN code IT0004495633
Current Coupon 3M-Euribor + 1,50%
Status Retained



Investor Report: