Sunrise 2006-2007

Summary data:

Sunrise 2006 Sunrise 2007
Currency EUR EUR
Principal Balance 995.511.675,60 1.499.778.713,00
Portfolio Consumer credit loans originated by Agos Ducato S.p.A. Consumer credit loans originated by Agos Ducato S.p.A.
First Portfolio Characteristics 24,75% personal loans, 46,52% new vehicles, 20,26% used vehicles, 6,92% furniture, 1,55% special purpose loans 36,99% personal loans, 41,18% new vehicles, 19,99% used vehicles, 1,62% furniture, 0,21% special purpose loans
Servicer Agos Ducato S.p.A. Agos Ducato S.p.A.
Payment Dates 27th of February, May, August, November 27th of February, May, August, November
Revolving/Static Revolving Revolving
Representative of Noteholders CACEIS Bank Luxembourg CACEIS Bank Luxembourg
Arranger CA-CIB Milan CA-CIB Milan
Calculation Agent CA-CIB Milan CA-CIB Milan
Legal Final Maturity August 2030 August 2030
Listing Luxembourg Stock Exchange Luxembourg Stock Exchange
Class A Notes:
Issue Amount
911.000.000,00 457.500.000,00
Current Rating
A2/AA Aa2/AA-
ISIN code IT0004068836 IT0004232598
Current Coupon 3M-Euribor + 0,15% 3M-Euribor + 0,15%
Status Placed Placed
Class B Notes:
Issue Amount
60.200.000,00 30.250.000,00
Current Rating
A2/A Aa2/A
ISIN code IT0004068844 IT0004232614
Current Coupon 3M-Euribor + 0,38% 3M-Euribor + 0,40%
Status Placed Placed
Class C Notes:
Issue Amount
28.700.000,00 12.250.000,00
Current Rating
Baa1/B+ Baa1/B+
ISIN code IT0004068851 IT0004232648
Current Coupon 3M-Euribor + 0,70% 3M-Euribor + 0,70%
Status Placed Placed
Class J Notes:
Issue Amount
14.550.000,000 7.350.000,00
Rating Unrated Unrated
ISIN code IT0004068869 IT0004232671
Current Coupon 3M-Euribor + 1,50% 3M-Euribor + 1,50%
Status Retained Retained

Sunrise 2006 Class A, B and C Notes fully repaid.
In February 2016, Agos recalled remaining ABS by exercising its clean-up call right.


Investor Report: